Pokemon GO : Blank map Niantic blocks countries running unofficial app


Pokemon Go was huge, capturing heart of millions of people both young and old, walking miles to catch that rare Pokemon and hatch those eggs. But it seems all is currently over for those players running the unofficial Pokemon Go.

Pokemon-go-blank-mapAccording to latest reports, as Pokemon Go was launched in Japan, to control the current server issues Niantic has blocked all the countries using unofficial app. You are able to login to the game but all you see is blank map. There are no:-

  1. Pokestops
  2. Pokemon
  3. Gyms

There is no clarity whether Niantic will ever release the official game to those countries. Countries including Philippines, Malaysia, India and several Arab countries report blank map on Pokemon Go.

While countries running the official app reported better server stability and performance. All we can do is now wait and hope Niantic will release the official version soon.


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